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Dr Clem Edwards

Research Clinical Psychologist 

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a Wellcome Early Career Award Fellow working to better understand the psychological mechanisms that contribute to anhedonia, or loss of pleasure, in those who experience psychosis and/or depression. 



I am a Wellcome Early Career Award Fellow and a clinical psychologist at Kings College London. My work uses digital methods such as smartphone applications and virtual reality environments to explore emotional experience and understand what mechanisms may operate to reduce pleasure, a phenomenon called anhedonia.

I value working in and contributing to a positive, inclusive research culture and am aware that for people at an early career stage, particularly from communities or groups that are under-represented in academia or clinical psychology, it can be tricky to reach out. I want to say please do contact me here to discuss anything related to research or careers. 

Latest Publication

Personification or characterisation of voices (terms we view as essentially equivalent) is common, and around 70% of voice-hearers associate their voice(s) with ‘characterful qualities’. that is, people or person-like entities with distinct characteristics, such as gender, age, patterned emotional responses, or intentions. As part of the AVATAR2 trial we developed a checklist of features to assess this phenomenology, this article reports on the good psychometric properties of this scale. 

We would like other research groups to use this measure, and are happy to provide it - get in touch! 

Dr Clem Edwards

Department of Psychology, IoPPN, Kings College London, De Crespigny Park, London, SE5 8AF

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